1. 1. What is Personal finance management?

Personal finance management & integrated bill payment solution helps you to track, monitor, control your spending, view & pay bills online & offline.

2. 2. Do you charge for Financial Solution services?

No, it's free of cost as of now.

3. 3. How Personal Finance Management tool can help us?

Personal finance management helps you to create a budget, add categories and subcategories of spending like food, travel, movies, etc and helps you to monitor your cash and bank bills to control your monthly spending.

4. 4. Which all bills I can pay?

Customers can pay 40+ bills online & offline like Electricity, Water, Mobile, DTH, Cable recharge, Insurance, Loan EMI, Educational fees, Municipal taxes, book Gas cylinder, Post-paid Telephone bills, Subscription services, etc

5. 5. Will I get a bill reminder & payment confirmation?

Once the bills are added to Personal finance management customers will get regular bill reminders & post payment get instant confirmation by push & Whatsapp notification, SMS & emails.

6. Do you charge for Financial Solution service?

No, it's free of cost as of now.

Payify For Business

1. Who can use Payify Business App.?

All merchants and business owners, such as grocery stores, general stores, retail outlets, medical centers, stationary shops, insurance agents, travel agencies, courier companies, saloons, vegetable stores, mobile shops, petrol pumps, cloth shops, tea stalls, pantries, and so on, can use Payify Business App to start their own Bill Payment Store.

2. What is the process to become a Payify Bill Payment Store? 

You must first download the Payify Business App from the Google Play Store and sign up with all of your information. Your information will be sent to the verification team for account approval. Once your account is approved, your bill payment store will be live. 

3. What are the requirements and minimal investment required to open a Payify Bill Payment Store?

There is NO investment required to become a PAYIFY BILL PAYMENT STORE; all you need is to be a merchant or business owner where customers can walk in or engage with you, so they can easily pay their bills at your store, and you must have a strong connection with customers so they can pay their bills at your store.

4. How many days does it take to get my account active? 

After submitting the account for verification, it will take 24 hrs to 48 hrs for the approval of your account. 

5. What will be my commission on the Prepaid Recharge Wallet and Utility Bill Payment Wallet? 

Payify provides a flat 2% commission on all prepaid recharges like mobile and DTH recharges and a flat commission on all utility bill payments like electricity bills, gas connection, water bills, insurance, broadband, and others. You can check all your prepaid and utility bill commissions in your "My Commission" section under your profile. These commissions may change as per the Bharat Bill Payment Guidelines. I request you to regularly check your commission in your profile section.

6. How will I get my commission? 

You will get instant commission on your prepaid recharge and post-utility bill payment transactions. The flat commission will be instantly credited to your Utility Wallet. Your referral commission will also be credited instantly after your referral recharges their prepaid wallet. 

7. Why is the commission on utility bills so low?

The Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) has set flat fees for all utility bill payments, which are also very low. The main intention of BBPS is to provide customers with the convenience of paying all their bills at anytime, anywhere. Hence, the commission on this is very nominal.

8. Why can I not use my earning commission to pay my utility bills?

The "Bharat Bill Payment System" has defined a flat fee on all utility bill payments, and that is also very nominal. Hence, the earning wallet of  both prepaid recharge and utility bill payment is allowed to use to pay utility bill payment. 

9. Can I withdraw my commission and what is the withdrawal limit?

Yes, you can withdraw your earned commission at any time and the amount will be transferred to your registered bank account in 24 to 48 hours. The minimum amount for withdrawal is ₹ 500 only. Once your commission reaches ₹ 500, you can click on the withdrawal button on My Earning and get the amount to your bank account. 

10. How much does it take to get the withdrawal amount into my bank account? 

Once you apply for withdrawal of your earning wallet amount, it typically takes 24 hours to 48 hours to get the amount credited to your registered bank account. 

11. What if the customer asks for a bill payment copy? 

Following bill payment, the customer will receive immediate confirmation of the bill payment from the service provider through notification by SMS or email. You also have the option to take a screen shot of the bill payment and share it via Whatsapp with the customer for their satisfaction.

12. Why is there only one payment mode (UPI-QR Code) available to recharge the wallet?

UPI money transfers are the most common and easiest way to transfer money anytime, anywhere. Payify's main aim is to provide more commission to their merchants and retailers, and that is only possible if we keep our whole payment channel through UPI, where the entire transaction is free and more convenient for users to transfer the money instantly. 

13. Can I charge the flat fee to the customer for bill payment? 

As per Bharat Bill Payment guidelines, you can charge nominal fees on all utility bill payments. Please contact the Payify customer support team for more details. 

14. If I choose not to continue with Payify, and I want my wallet amount and commission in my bank account, how do I get it?

If you wish to discontinue service with Payify, you cannot transfer funds from your prepaid recharge wallet, or utility bill wallet, to your bank account. You have to utilize both the wallet amounts to pay bills only and earning wallet amount is eligible to transfer to wallet amount only if it reaches the minimum withdrawal limit. 

15. Will I get the branding material from Payify? If so, do I have to pay for this? 

Flagship stores that do prepaid recharge and utility bill payment on a regular basis receive initial branding materials at no cost. For more details, please contact the Payify Customer Support Team. 


1. 1. What is Easy Collection Service?

Collectio help to collect mass & payments anytime online & offline.

2. 2. Who all can use the Collectio?

All Educational Institution like Schools, Colleges, Coaching classes, Private tuitions, Societies, NGO's that has to collect mass payment on a monthly basis can use Collectio service by Payify to collect payments anytime anywhere.

3. 3. How can customers make a donation, pay society charges, and Educational fees?

Customers have to just log in to their Payify account, select the type of payment, location and pay anytime, anywhere.

4. 4. How can the customer pay offline?

How can customers make a donation, pay society charges, and Educational fees?

5. 5. My educational institute is at a remote location and does not have a website, Can I still connect to Payify for payment collection

Yes, all educational institutions, housing societies, commercial buildings, & NGOs across India can connect to Payify to collect payments without API integration with Easy collection software which directly connects to the Payify server.

6. 6. How will the customer get confirmation of payments?

Once the payment is done, customers will get the instant confirmation via SMS & email from the payment receiver directly for the authenticity of payment.

7. 7.Do merchants have to pay anything to become a bill payment store?

Payify does not charge anything for the bill payment store.

8. 8. Which all bills I can pay at the Payify bill payment store?

All electricity, mobile, DTH, Cable recharge, loans EMI, Insurance, Society, Education fees, Municipal taxes, Gas booking, etc.


1. 1. How Payisplit works?

Payisplit in Payify is a feature that helps you to settle your spending with your friends, family and roommates, Just create a group for specific activities (like a trip, lunch, dinner, movie meet, etc), add your spending to the group, click on Split and settle your bills by UPI.

2. 2. Any charges to use the Payisplit service?

No, Payisplit is free for all users. We do not charge anything to the customers.

3. 3. Who can create the group?

Anyone who uses Payisplit can create a group to use Payisplit

4. 4. Can I upload the bill image?

Yes, members have options to add bill image.

5. 5. Will I get the notification if the group members add spends?

Yes, every time group member add spends, the rest of the members get notified

6. 6. Can I discuss the bill over chat?

An instant chat option is available. All the group members can discuss spends over the chat within groups.

7. 7. How will I settle bills?

Click on split to know who owes whom & members can settle the dues by UPI.

8. 8. Can I leave a group?

Yes, members can leave a group but If there are unsettled dues (from you or owed to you), you will see a notification before leaving the group. Pending amounts to/from you will continue to show up in the app for other members till all dues are settled or the group is not delete

9. 9. Can I add or remove a person from my group?

Admin (who created the group) has the right to add, delete or remove the person from the group

10. 10. Can I delete the group?

Group can be deleted only by the person who created it. Once deleted data to that group cannot be retrieved and all the information of spends & members will be lost.