About Us

Manage Spending – Simplify Bills


About Us

We are a fintech company that provides personal finance management and bill payment solutions that enable you to easily manage your money and confidently reach your financial goals by creating a budget, managing spending, viewing and paying bills in less than 9 seconds online or offline at all grocery and general stores via a business app and earning cashback points.

We are a technology-first company that leverages big data analytics to continually delight our platform's users and merchants. Our mission is to develop a world-class personal finance management tool and to address India's bill payment issue online & offline.


Our Management Team

Payify is a privately held company led by Lagan and Kamal Saluja. The Management's philosophy is to simplify billing through the use of digital technology. The organisation is constantly focusing on the development of a safe, secure, and dependable digital platform. Customers can manage their spending, view and pay all their bills online and in-person, at any time and from any location.


Kamal Saluja

Co Founder & COO


Lagan Saluja

Founder & CEO